Friday, July 6, 2012

Intro to figure painting-spring 2012

Here are some works from my class last semester at the academy of art university in San Francisco. My teacher was Henry Yan..a very different teacher from what I was used too. So I guess I should say that my teachers for instruction of oil painting were not just Henry Yan but many in particular is Kevin Wueste. This class really pushed me as a student and even as an adult. I had to become so well versed in handling oil paint to catch up to my peers and my teachers who lets say Henry alone has over 30 YEARS on me..I have 5 months experience with oils. Kevin kept telling me I was an infant with oils gonna catch up though I swear it. I went to workshops I studied at home with MY OWN projects and even did studies even before I worked on my homework projects for this class. Henry had a full Saturday class which guess what..I went also too apart from my Tuesday class. I researched, I raped YouTube and the internet of anything I might find useful for my growth and to be able to catch up......the whole semester was crazy enough but through relationships and teaching and family and friends and even huge self moral codes being thrown into question. I felt lost and that I wasn't making any progress......................until.....the final day of class.....the final critique.......The Day I EARNED Henry Yan's respect and was really hard to sit there and take it all in, especially when this man gave me nothing but shit all semester how my style and handling of the paint and even the drawing of the figure was in need of a TRUE REVAMP. In front of the entire class he spoke of how I was an extremely hard working student....That I was not retarded to not just listen like everyone else but actually take notes of gold that I am paying so much money to be able to take.  That my Style has evolved so vast in such a short amount of time and he even sat there and said for me to keep developing it to make it marketable. he spoke for over 25 minutes on how I would come to workshops and ask other teachers for help and even come all the way to his Saturday class and ask him for help and then stay and paint for another 6 hours......This was AMAZING to everyone since the man never speaks to you more than a few mins EVER!!!.............but I thank him truly for doing that for me, I am still digesting it but......I NEEDED to know that all that effort was well worth it....Anyway I will try to put these works in chronological order as best as I can, I was quite sleepy most of the time and forgot to date them hahah very bad habit to hold on too I know. Well I hope you enjoy.

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