Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sketch drop 7/27/2011

I've been in a huge rut ever since I came home from school in may. For the last month or two I have not be up to my usual rate of output for artistic study I have been trying to learn to draw for the sheer fun of it not like I usually do when Im frantic that I have to get better or I will fail my family and waste so much time. But I also think my bipolar is changing my usual moods are getting mixed up at weird moments and I have been well equipped with motivation to do work just lacking severely in the enthusiasm to finish anything I start Im going to the doctor to see what is wrong with me my family thinks im just going through a burn out but to me it feels more as if I cant function as I used too. hopefully I can finish this project Im working on for my sister I really hope I have the will too finish it. well anyway here some work I've been doing just some highlights everything else seems really sketchy to me.