Sunday, July 27, 2014

Time well spent.

Hey everyone.
I guess I should say yes, I am alive and well, but a changed person indeed over these last six months of being a college graduate back home. Which I will dive deeper into in the following post, but I thought I should dump a lot of these scans off here, to clean off my plate and start refreshed. I have been attending life drawing/painting workshops, attending classes, constantly studying, always touching my sketchbook and even going so far as to figure myself out since leaving school after six years straight. Before I get all of you tired of reading, please check out my first website ( ) I just published tonight, as well as going through this post's uploads.

Thank you for your time,
Jacob Sweet

 Finding a fun, stress free way to paint with acrylics that gives you the results you want has been such a B!$%#!!  :D