Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lamp_light_02 Process

I never really show my process since I never felt too sure of one until now. So I will show you my process from Ideation to final. My workflow now is Traditional-Digital-Traditional. Mostly I do thumbnails on paper then put all of the composing, value and color roughs digitally, then I print or project up my line art,  wet mount on to a piece of drywall and paint in acrylic until I feel I have gotten what I wanted with real paint.  The last steps are scanning and edits  made digitally.  I like this process because it is so fast and versatile and most of all cheap. If anything should go wrong during a project, I can go between digital and traditional media. Most of all is that I have a real painting when I am done, and that is by far the most rewarding part of painting I feel.