Friday, November 25, 2022

Shrimp dip recipe 2022

 Ingredients list

8 boxes of cream chesse, you can also split 4 boxes into the 1/2 fat variety.

Hot peppers (whole jar)

Jumbo shrimp 8-10 oz (no canned shrimp)

Horseradish (I use the whole jar)

Wheat thins for the chip of choice

Put cream cheese into a large bowl, microwave the cream cheese enough to be able to stir it evenly. (Do 1 minute intervals in microwave to get it smooth)

Defrost shrimp (if frozen) remove tails, put into food processor.

Cut stems off the peppers. Throw small peppers into food processor. Large peppers cut in half and remove seeds with a bowl of water. Throw deseeded peppers into food processor. (You can keep the peppers whole, if you want maximum heat)

Dump whole jar of horse radish into processor, and half the green brine of the pepper jar into the processor. 
Then blend as smooth as you desire. Smaller pieces even out the flavor through the dip.

Pour the processed ingredients into the cream cheese, along with what is left of the pepper juice.
Then stir, and stir inside the bowl.
Cover with clingwrap, and put in fridge overnight, and enjoy. :D

Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Cosmic Prisoner

This piece was developed from a small page of ideation sketches all the way back to 2012.
I was thinking of a prisoner so strong, that only black holes could keep them contained. Over the years I would spend moments here and there touching the idea. I decided last month for opening a new studio, this would be a cool piece to break in the new easel, and brushes, and such. I am glad, I did a little comprehensive, it really made painting the cosmic clouds super fun, since I already had the temperatures figured out before hand.
I feel the piece came out great. I am sad it took me so long to bring it life, but my skills were not up to par back then anyway. So, enjoy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Mourning Dedication_12/19/2018

It has been a while. Hello everyone, and here is a little snippet I made that I thought would benefit somebody, on the subject of starting the day for artistic endeavors.

I do a lot of regular practice everyday, but most important is "DRAWING" everyday if you can manage it. (sometimes life does get in the way of course) I make sure I have a dominating intention for the day, since if I know I will be working digitally most of the day (a rendered Illustration for example) I will start that day with a digital sketch/warm up to get me acclimated to the medium, and in the right state of mind. This gives you ample opportunity to start the ideation process for your work, and freely design, or even within parameters.

Even emulation of your favorite designers is acceptable in order to learn new shapes/methods. This can change depending on your needs for the day or certain projects. Using a physical medium helps me so much, especially in observational studies. Since these are mostly for yourself to acquire knowledge, they can be created with whatever you see fit to use. For myself, whenever I do studies digitally they don't stick quite as well to my memory as do the studies created in a physical manner. As always, use a timer! I do an hour or two before I start the real work day.

I have had to keep myself from burning out by studying everyday, so I decided to make a repetitive task more variable, both physically, and mentally. By the means of different studying locations, subjects and mediums, but they all share the same underlying purpose, that to keep DRAWING at the forefront, all the while absorbing information wherever I might be, and keeping my skills sharp. Because if you really distill down any creator they must have a strong means of communicating in whatever sensory medium they choose. Drawing is that medium for me, as a visual communicator.

Here are some examples of the means I use to vary the monastic task of training for myself. Different physical locations for me to work. subjects (landscape, figurative, narrative, film studies, abstraction... etc) Also some examples of the warm ups for the day, using whatever medium I will be using the majority of the day. Notice the examples that show active ideation, usually before I set to the real task for the day. I never really show these to anyone, since they are mostly for me, but they do sometimes evolve into new works.
"Use your shoulder, Observe, Invent, and get creating. Enjoy."

Saturday, October 6, 2018

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