Friday, November 25, 2022

Shrimp dip recipe 2022

 Ingredients list

8 boxes of cream chesse, you can also split 4 boxes into the 1/2 fat variety.

Hot peppers (whole jar)

Jumbo shrimp 8-10 oz (no canned shrimp)

Horseradish (I use the whole jar)

Wheat thins for the chip of choice

Put cream cheese into a large bowl, microwave the cream cheese enough to be able to stir it evenly. (Do 1 minute intervals in microwave to get it smooth)

Defrost shrimp (if frozen) remove tails, put into food processor.

Cut stems off the peppers. Throw small peppers into food processor. Large peppers cut in half and remove seeds with a bowl of water. Throw deseeded peppers into food processor. (You can keep the peppers whole, if you want maximum heat)

Dump whole jar of horse radish into processor, and half the green brine of the pepper jar into the processor. 
Then blend as smooth as you desire. Smaller pieces even out the flavor through the dip.

Pour the processed ingredients into the cream cheese, along with what is left of the pepper juice.
Then stir, and stir inside the bowl.
Cover with clingwrap, and put in fridge overnight, and enjoy. :D