Wednesday, January 13, 2010

self portrait 5

Its hard to choose which medium I want to stick with maybe I should lay off color and just work on my line drawings I mean there is always room to improve your line quality. Well this pic was watercolors and pencil.

self portrait 4

whoa its been a week since my last post I do have good reason I'm still sick from the zoo but thats no excuse to slack on work. Wel this pic is my first time with gouache its pretty fun its just really different from acrylic that I've used before like its opaque watercolor and I keep making it to thin with the water I think I'm just being careful since it comes in small tubes well besides that this pic was my first painting since my class so I've gone back through my notes and I know the next one will be so much better.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

perspective forms

these are studies from the Scott Robertson dvd I'm just learning how to build form with line which is the first step in car drawing and now I shall work on my ellipses.

self portrait 3

yeah I think I'm gonna stay with traditional mediums digital isn't as tactile as I wanted so I will do pastels for real before I try it digitally again. Well this portrait was done in painter 11 with a real pastel brush, time 2 hours I think for the next study I will work on my perspective and Values.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

self portrait 2

its almost been a week since I went to the zoo to draw and I know the reason I got sick was because of all those kids running around with their fluids and diseases and especialy that giraffe sent some germs my way I shall get revenge! But anyway this portrait came out funny to me because I couldn't decide how and what medium I should use to render I used a red col-erase pencil instead of a regular prismacolor,maybe soon I should decide which medium to stick with maybe paint or pastels? We shall see ,well I hope some people like this one.

Friday, January 1, 2010

first self portrait

couldn't sleep tonight so I banged the first self portrait out. Its okay but I have alot of work to do to be bodacious

The first day of the new year

since the new year has come I shall be doing A challenge to myself And said challenge is 100 self portraits in any medium for me to express and hone some skills in my artistic journey.So this blog will contain these self portraits and all work I deem worthy for the world to see I hope every one has fun watching me grow.