Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sketches and other assorted fun

Most of these sketches and drawings are from either free time,workshops,thinking,or just plain old draw to ease my troubled mind. I tried to put everything in here but that would take all of my short winter break so most went to the huge stack of stuff in my closet or just stored somewhere or even the trash bin. Most of these I post were big moments in my memory or just.....I just don't know....memorable for some odd reason. All in all I learned much in that drawing or painting makes me meditate so well that its almost like cleaning to me. Study hard,become Awesome,Stay humble.

Still life 1

I took still life 1 with Sheldon Greenberg this past fall and I really have to say this..a really hard choice between anatomy and this class...I super enjoyed still life the best!!!! I learned so much especially NO FEAR..its just paint you guys hahahah. I really recommend this class to anyone just make sure you get Sheldon Greenberg!!!!! we were given the choice between acrylics an oils, an as a person who has Ahem... set himself on fire twice (non intentional of course) I was not to hip to carrying flammable liquids and turpentine across town and be stuck with fumes in my dorm so I went with acrylics for the beginning of the semester but then my teacher vowed to change me into an oil painter and in some ways he succeeded...but only slightly for I used........Aqua Oils!!! Muhahahah I enjoyed them a lot but they don't work to well between cleaning with just water but work well with cleaners with traditional oils. So i went back to acrylics but I still needed to be able to blend my paints so I used Open Acrylics I used before with Steve Hampton. So for big projects I used fast drying acrylics to lay in my shapes and flat colors and general gradients as best I could with a acrylic retarder to keep it blend-able a little longer. Then I used the Open Acrylics for the long haul in blending and adding detail. I did learn though the Open Acrylics take longer to dry depending on the thickness of the film of paint I applied to the canvas. So even I using acrylic not oil came to class with a wet canvas hahahaha. Well I will place these paintings in order from start of the semester to now as best I can, there were so many paintings its hard to remember. So from bottom (the oldest) to the top(newest) as always enjoy (-_-)