Friday, July 6, 2012

House Cleanse- THE DAWN-

Since I have been back home for summer I have had the chance to FINALLY DESTROY(clean) my home that I have lived in for almost 12 years now.....and once I got a few...."roadblocks' out of the way I am making great progress in this restoring project....just to be clear my house has been a bit dysfunctional for years..from my father..mainly....he has a bit of a hoarding problem, but the problem is that I am a really neat an orderly person naturally(please look at past pics of my dorm and room/studio for proof) so for years it has been a battle of keeping my flames of righteous and ritualistic cleaning power up from keeping the never ending onslaught of filth and degradation to over take me and my lair in the lower part of our home......I would have dreams of being a god and going from room to room purging the house into a pure glorified truth that I know it can be.....and now I have that chance and I will say that at first the  task was daunting but.....I AM SO GRATEFUL to my siblings and friends who came and gave me help when I truly needed it.......seeing that it is helping my father recover better and safer in a house of less danger.......I am truly enjoying restoring my now I can say I have two homes....San Francisco and my hometown again. I just hope one day my cats can come back home and enjoy it too........... anyway here are the before and after pictures.....Ill try and make them clear to you..but....I think they speak for themselves quite well...enjoy my beginning labors..more too come!!!

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