Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still life 1

I took still life 1 with Sheldon Greenberg this past fall and I really have to say this..a really hard choice between anatomy and this class...I super enjoyed still life the best!!!! I learned so much especially NO FEAR..its just paint you guys hahahah. I really recommend this class to anyone just make sure you get Sheldon Greenberg!!!!! we were given the choice between acrylics an oils, an as a person who has Ahem... set himself on fire twice (non intentional of course) I was not to hip to carrying flammable liquids and turpentine across town and be stuck with fumes in my dorm so I went with acrylics for the beginning of the semester but then my teacher vowed to change me into an oil painter and in some ways he succeeded...but only slightly for I used........Aqua Oils!!! Muhahahah I enjoyed them a lot but they don't work to well between cleaning with just water but work well with cleaners with traditional oils. So i went back to acrylics but I still needed to be able to blend my paints so I used Open Acrylics I used before with Steve Hampton. So for big projects I used fast drying acrylics to lay in my shapes and flat colors and general gradients as best I could with a acrylic retarder to keep it blend-able a little longer. Then I used the Open Acrylics for the long haul in blending and adding detail. I did learn though the Open Acrylics take longer to dry depending on the thickness of the film of paint I applied to the canvas. So even I using acrylic not oil came to class with a wet canvas hahahaha. Well I will place these paintings in order from start of the semester to now as best I can, there were so many paintings its hard to remember. So from bottom (the oldest) to the top(newest) as always enjoy (-_-)

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