Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lost track of time...Part 02

Here is the second update going back in time to the Spring 2013 semester. I can now start posting work from the Ideation club, Illustration_02, Heads and Hands_02, Clothed figure _03 , and Intro to Animal Anatomy plus whatever I find worth while. I hope you can see the progress I made as clearly as I can. Oh and quick note, work hard and help others as much as you can. I say this because, after the first post I mentioned I needed to build my website. (I have no clue how) Then at 3am a web designer classmate offered to build my site for me as long as she can put it in her portfolio! So it pays off to help others any chance you can, the effort will come back to you.....like a karma boomerang?....pfft hahahaah close enough. Enjoy.

Spring Show 2013-
Ideation Club-

Illustration 02-

Heads & Hands _02-

 Clothed figure_03-

 Intro to Animal Anatomy-

No further....too lazy to go get the rest out of storage...... Thanks for looking.

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