Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lost track of time.....Part 1- Summer 2013

It is about time I update this blog one last time before my website becomes the main time consumer in my life. Since I last updated, I have been exposed and bathed in self-inflicted adversity, responsibility, education of both artistic and relationship means. I have learned that my jagged, unwieldy, focused effort today soothes out the effort needed for whatever tomorrow brings. I was given presidency over a club, actually I was the only one who took the responsibility on.... was endorsed by past presidents and even many teachers, friends and Chuck Pyle himself. I feel pretty confident that I can make a powerful resource for many too use,wield, and grow. I hope to spread knowledge & good will across the creative student body.

I will try to put this work together in reverse chronological order as best I can. At the time I was taking five classes and was V.P. of Ideation club, So forgive me if my mind fails me on those crazy times. I met sooooo many great people in spring 2013, I even got let into the faculty gossip about myself and others effort towards the benefit of others while in school. I am so humbled to be given the opportunity to grow and become so well exposed to many ideas, processes, and philosophies from so many unique people.  Even though I have a long way to go, and much to look forward too, I can look back and see a beautifully organized path carved from a silent chaotic evolution within myself. Maintained by those who helped me on my way forward.  We are all required to make the world truly progress forward, Thank you all for time an effort. (Be warned there will be too much work, will try to cut it down into multiple parts)

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